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  • Consulting

    Our technology expertise can provide you with the right tools to change or even transform your business. Focusing on delivery and acceptance, our consultants are used to dealing with challenging projects. We design lean solutions that meet and exceed your needs, enabling you to improve your business and stand out from your competitors.

  • Custom Developing

    Our passion is to help organisations work smarter and grow faster by adopting the most effective tools to boost productivity, create more value, and reduce waste. Our tailored and innovative solutions aim to achieve high rates of technology adoption, reducing costs and improving operations surveillance.

  • Outsourcing

    We believe we are playing a role inside a bigger act. We are not alone and our expert resources help our clients to be more effective, integrating existing solutions, designing new approaches and delivering higher value for them and their partners.

  • On-Site analysis & Tech Assurance

    Confidence is key in building a strong relationship with our clients. In addition to our remote development services we provide on-site analysis, design, and leadership through some of our most experienced consultants to ensure that we optimize engagement between our clients and our developers.


About Us

We are focused on delivering value to your business. We believe in powerful, strategic applications that will distinguish you from your competitors while making your business more successful and valuable. Our a team of professionals have achieved the highest certification levels in technology and development methodology. This enables us to deliver consistently on time, on budget and above all with strong user adoption.

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    Rua Diogo Cão, 34
    3080-318 Figueira da Foz

    Development Hub
    Torre de Monsanto
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    Email us at info@itglee.com